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With sophisticated product development teams, a manufacturing facility in Medina, New York, and a wide range of packaging options, Associated Brands is uniquely positioned to provide first-class product quality, unparalleled availability, and complete flexibility, whatever your private label, contract manufacturing or food service needs.

Our manufacturing facility functions under MRPII principles, a broader and more sophisticated extension of MRP (Materials Requirement Planning). Our plant is designed to maximize local efficiencies, ultimately passing those savings on to our customers. We also recently upgraded to a new JD Edwards ERP system that enables precision handling of all raw-material, work-in-process, and finished-goods inventory, providing an even higher level of customer service and ensuring efficient data interchange with clients.

Medina, New York

A state of the art manufacturing facility GFSI certified, HACCP, USDA, and AIB approved, our 393,000-square-foot main manufacturing facility in Medina, New York, provides us with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of any product line.

Currently handling the manufacturing of powdered soft drinks, sweeteners, side dishes, and bouillon, as well as hot chocolate, soups, stuffing, and coating mixes, it utilizes a 24 hour shift system to meet virtually any requirement. At present, our Medina facility houses 31 product lines within 25 suites and offers 15 packaging formats, including pouches, canisters, cartons, cups, and sticks. All suites are temperature- and humidity-controlled, with separate product lines to eliminate any possible allergen and ingredient cross-contamination.