For customers who prefer the convenience of sourcing finished products or need quantities that may not justify developing a unique package, the majority of products we produce are also available in branded versions, often referred to as “Control Brands” or “Packer Labels.”

We also have a select group of nationally recognized branded products, including:


For over 40 years, Canadians have known and trusted J Cloth Cleaning Cloths for all types of household cleaning. Everyday J Cloths are perfect for use around the kitchen, and Heavy Duty J Cloth is ideal for bigger cleaning jobs and in the garage. Whatever your household cleaning needs, J Cloth is there.

Knox Gelatine

Unlike many flavored gelatines (which contain mostly sugar, along with various artificial flavors and colors), Knox Gelatine has no flavor of its own, making it perfect for desserts, salads, main dishes, jams and jellies – even ice cream and frozen yogurt. The preferred brand for unflavored gelatine. For more information, visit

Additional Brands

  • Sweet 10 artificial sweetener
  • Neilson desserts & beverages
  • Prairie Maid cereal

For additional information on any of our brands, please contact us.